XinaA12 v1.1.5

Xina A15 v1.1.5 released (End-users can test it, but read the precaitions first)

Notice that it requires a reboot and rebuilding jailbreak environment to install the new version (Doing this will remove all the tweaks and repos)

  • It is recommended not to update the 35 dependencies of Procursus packages. Since Xina hasn’t figure out a way to deal with fork functions
  • Postinst binary issue hasn’t been fix yet (killed:9, thanks for Ivano to find this issue) Please execute with script file
  • Fixed the bug that the plug-in may not be loaded during the first startup
  • Optimized part of the signature code, reduced repeated signatures, fixed a bug in merging permissions
  • Fix dpkg patch, faster installation
  • Fix TweakInjection code
  • Fix uicache -all

All credit goes to @xina520

Size : 40.0MB

Date: 18/12/2022

Download /Install XinaA15 Jailbreak

Download source code

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